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Juvenile Cases

Juvenile Cases

Skilled Juvenile Defense Lawyer

For help with all criminal cases involving minors in Nashville and all of Tennessee

Minors often commit crimes because they succumb to peer pressure or have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Sadly, when juveniles are pressured into activities involving drugs or underage drinking, they are more likely to develop substance abuse problems. I am an understanding juvenile defense attorney who believes that most minors who make mistakes deserve a second chance – and I am prepared to advocate on their behalf.

Common juvenile criminal offenses I handle include the following:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Alcohol possession
  • Drug possession or sale
  • Underage DUI, public intoxication or alcohol consumption
  • Curfew violations
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Auto theft
  • Violent acts including assault and battery
  • Trespassing on private or restricted property
  • Juvenile sexual assaults
  • Unruliness, delinquency or truancy

While adult penalties for a conviction in many of these types of crimes might include jail time or serious fines, a good defense attorney can often arrange lesser penalties such as treatment programs, community service and/or probationary periods that focus on a juvenile offender’s future rather than on punishment.

As a defense attorney for more than a decade, I’ve helped countless minors get their lives back on track after getting into legal trouble. When teens and youths get into trouble, the penalties they face are typically less severe than penalties adults face, and with more of an emphasis on growth and rehabilitation. The Stover Law Group can help put a juvenile offender back on the right path.

Non-criminal juvenile cases

Juvenile court also hears a wide range of non-criminal cases such as:

  • Parents failing to require and ensure that their minor child attend school
  • Dependent, neglected and abused children
  • Child custody/guardianship
  • Visitation rights
  • Parentage (legitimation) of children born to unmarried parents
  • Child support payments
  • Emancipation of a minor
  • Termination of parental rights

I understand how important it is that teens and youths learn to break the destructive patterns that got them into trouble in the first place. In addition, my extensive experience allows me to successfully represent minors at juvenile court in non-criminal matters.


To learn more about my services for juvenile clients, call the Stover Law Group at 615.613.0541 or contact me online to schedule a free initial phone consultation so we can discuss your case. I represent clients in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Gallatin, Shelbyville and Lebanon.

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