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Inattention to financial details during the divorce planning phase can often lead to unexpected issues in post-divorce life. However, during the stress of divorce, individuals often focus on the emotional issues while failing to consider the practical matters that affect their futures. A sensitive Nashville divorce attorney with a clear understanding of financial concerns can help you put your personal issues into perspective so you can address the issues that really matter in your new life.

Often during a marriage, one spouse handles the financial issues, from paying the bills to maintaining the papers that document financial holdings, credit cards and other types of debt, including the mortgage. If you lack this information, you need to take action to locate every financial detail, according to a helpful video report available from Morningstar, Inc.

If you do not have a clear understanding of personal finances, you need to inform your Nashville divorce attorneys early in your working relationship to help ensure they make an extra effort to guide you through the information-gathering process. Your lawyers may recommend that you seek additional support from financial professionals to help you find assets possibly hidden by your spouse and otherwise protect your rights.

Proper advance planning may be the most important step in preparing for divorce. With more than a decade of experience in both estate planning and divorce law William Stover, Attorney at Law helps guide clients through a full range of divorce-related financial issues to help ensure they can move toward a successful future life – without financial surprises.

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