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How can I prove loss of consortium?

When your loved ones are involved in a serious car accident, it can turn your lives upside down. Although you are thankful that they were able to survive such an event, their serious injuries mean that you have had to readjust your life and your priorities completely.

Many people in such situations have had to give up their careers in order to permanently care for their injured spouse, and although they are able to receive some financial damages, they believe that they in no way represent the extent to which the event took hold of their quality of life.

If it is believed that another person was to blame for the accident, the frustration that you feel as a victim will likely be hard to deal with. If your loved one has sustained injuries that prevent him or her from being able to walk or have sex, or if your spouse suffered a brain injury that has permanently altered his or her behavior, it is bound to be the case that your relationship as it used to be has also been lost. This is called loss of consortium.

How can loss of consortium be proven in front of the court?

It is possible to make a legal claim for loss of consortium in Tennessee after a serious car accident. When making a case such as this, the court will make an assessment of what you described your married life to have been like before the incident took place and compare this to the current state of things. In other words, they will make an evaluation of how the incident decreased the quality of your spousal relationship.

Loss of consortium generally considers differing aspects of a relationship, including loss of love, loss of a sexual relationship, and a loss of the financial and emotional support that your spouse was previously able to provide.

Based on this evaluation, as well as the economic damages that you suffered from the car wreck and the medical costs, total damages will be considered.

If your loved one was seriously injured in a car accident in Tennessee and your relationship has suffered as a result, it is important to take action in order to get the legal settlement that you deserve.

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