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Gun ownership restrictions in Tennessee

While Tennessee residents are allowed to own guns, there are some limitations imposed on gun ownership. For instance, an individual must pass a background check if they buy their firearm from a licensed dealer. The background check costs $10, and there is no waiting period imposed on the sale of a gun. Even if a person passes a background check, there are limitations as to the types of weapons that he or she can own.

The state makes it illegal to own a machine gun or an explosive weapon. There is also a ban in place on any device that is designed to shoot an explosive weapon. Furthermore, silencers and short-barreled rifles and shotguns are illegal in the state. Those who have been convicted of a felony that resulted in a prison sentence of more than one year cannot own a firearm.

Exceptions exist for those who have had had their charges expunged or were otherwise pardoned. Individuals who are not of sound mind as well as those who are addicted to alcohol are also not allowed to own a firearm in Tennessee. Finally, drug addicts and people who have been convicted of illegal alcohol sales may not buy or own a weapon according to state law. Firearms are not allowed either on or near school grounds.

Those who are facing assault, robbery or other charges while using a firearm could experience a variety of negative consequences if convicted. For example, an individual may spend time in jail or prison. He or she may also lose the right to own a firearm again in the future. An attorney may help an individual get criminal charges dismissed or have them expunged. That may result in a person’s ability to own a gun being restored.

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