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Filing For Divorce In Tennessee

Filing For Divorce In Tennessee

Filing For Divorce In Tennessee

If you have decided to end your marriage, you may be wondering how to file for divorce in Tennessee. Many individuals considering divorce worry about what the process will cost them in time, money and emotional anguish. As a divorce attorney in Nashville with more than a decade of experience, William H. Stover is well-equipped to guide you through your divorce as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At the Stover Law Group, we understand that the divorce filing process typically includes the following steps and can help you with each one.

Steps Toward Filing For Divorce In Tennessee

Satisfy state residency requirements

You must be a current resident of Tennessee, or if the grounds for divorce occurred out of state, have lived in Tennessee for at least six consecutive months. Additionally you must plan to file in the county in which you and/or your spouse reside.

Establish grounds

When you eventually file the petition, you’ll have to cite a reason for ending your marriage — this is known as grounds for divorce. Tennessee accepts no-fault grounds for divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences, or fault-based grounds for a wide array of factors, including adultery, substance abuse, abandonment, fraud or felony conviction with prison sentence.

File the initial petition for divorce

As your Nashville divorce lawyer, he’ll help you compile the necessary information and prepare your complaint for submission. The document must include all personal information relating to the marriage such as the full names and birthday of you and your spouse, where and when you were married, and if and when you were separated. Additionally, the document will contain an explanation of your grounds for divorce and the incident that led you to file for divorce in Tennessee, if applicable.

Arrange for service of the petition

Once you complete and submit the complaint, it must be served to your spouse. The sheriff can handle this, you can hire a private process server or you can elect to deliver the petition for divorce by certified mail. Once your spouse is served, it is up to him or her to consult with a lawyer and prepare a response.

Protect Yourself With An Attorney

Aside from advising you on filing for divorce, lawyers are valuable resources to clients dealing with ending a marriage.

To learn more about how we can help you, call the Stover Law Group at 615-613-0541, or contact me online to schedule a free initial phone consultation. We represent clients in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Gallatin, Shelbyville and Lebanon.

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