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If you and your spouse decide you made a mistake after a very short-term marriage with few financial resources and no children, you may not require legal support when filing for divorce in TN. But for most families, the process of divorce involves many complex issues. Without an experienced attorney, you and your children can lose important rights and resources.

Filing for divorce without an attorney is called pro se divorce. When both parties believe they can easily agree to the terms of divorce, they can use the Pro Se Divorce Forms available from the Circuit Court Clerk. But for most people entering into divorce, reaching agreement on any issue is probably not a simple matter. Even couples highly committed to reaching a negotiated settlement can face challenges and disagreements.

Experienced divorce attorneys do much more than just file the right forms at the right time. They provide vital guidance to protect the rights of you and your children, and they help divert your focus from emotional considerations to the issues that really matter, such as child custody and support, division of property and spousal support. Before deciding how to file for divorce in Tennessee, you should consult with an experienced attorney to obtain knowledgeable advice on how to proceed.

Proper advanced planning may be the most important step in preparing for divorce. William Stover, Attorney at Law offers a free initial phone consultation to help individuals in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee make educated decisions about the right approach to take regarding divorce.

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