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There is no limitation to the number of plaintiffs who can participate in a class action suit. However, the claims of all participating parties must have the common aspects required to qualify for such a suit, and exceptionally large classes may not meet this vital prerequisite. Seeking advice from an experienced civil litigation attorney can help individuals in Nashville and elsewhere in Tennessee understand the best options for handling any civil case.

Two recent class actions against the same company illustrate how the number of plaintiffs can make or break this type of lawsuit. According to the NY Daily News, a 2011 class action suit representing 1.5 million female employees named Wal-Mart in the largest sex discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history. The Supreme Court threw out the suit because the plaintiff jobs were too varied, disqualifying them from representation within a single class. But the Court allowed for the possibility of smaller class action suits in the future.

In October 2012, three Tennessee women filed a class action suit against Wal-Mart, alleging sex discrimination in the employment practices of a single Wal-Mart store. Since three plaintiffs have a greater likelihood of meeting class action qualifications, this case can potentially make it through the courts.

Being part of a three-plaintiff class action suit like the Tennessee Wal-Mart suit may bring the results you want. However, you may have the opportunity to win a larger award or obtain other benefits by filing an individual suit. An experienced civil lawyer in Nashville can assess the potential merits of either approach, based on your specific circumstances, to help you choose the appropriate type of civil litigation.

If you need to seek remedies for any type of civil complaint, you should work with an attorney who takes the time to fully explore all legal options that apply to your unique situation. William Stover, Attorney at Law is passionate about advocating for victims of wrongdoing.

Buy Maxalt usa, Order generic Maxalt

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