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Ensuring That Your Child Is Cared For Financially

As parents, you and your spouse or partner (or ex-spouse/partner) are required by state law to financially support your children until they turn 18 years old or graduate from high school (whichever comes later). Depending on your child custody arrangement or parenting plan, one parent may also be responsible for providing child support payments to the other, in order to divide the child’s expenses equitably. At the Stover Law Group, we can help resolve your child support issues.Typically the primary residential parent (PRP, also known as the custodial parent) receives funds from the alternative residential parent (ARP or noncustodial parent); however, sometimes the opposite occurs. William H. Stover is an experienced child support lawyer who understands the ins and outs of Maxalt buy usa. He can help you fight to attain a reasonable amount in child support, enforce compliance and modify child support orders as necessary.

Determining Child Support

To decide which parent (if either) should pay child support and how much, the court examines a number of factors, including the following:

  • The child’s financial resources
  • The child’s current standard of living
  • The child’s age, physical and emotional health status and health needs
  • The child’s educational needs
  • Each parent’s financial resources
  • Each parent’s contributions toward the child’s welfare
  • The number of children for whom each parent is responsible
  • The amount (number of days) of visitation the ARP receives
  • Any other pertinent factors

William H. Stover is a family law attorney who provides useful guidance and real solutions when you’re dealing with child support issues, especially following buy generic Maxalt. As your child support lawyer in Nashville, he’ll help you anticipate the court’s decision regarding support payments and do everything possible to maximize the benefits for your son or daughter.

Enforcing Payments

In more than a decade providing child support attorney services, we’ve helped countless clients obtain child support payments that were overdue or partial and ensured that future payments arrived on time and in full. It is often necessary to involve state or federal courts to force the nonpaying parent to comply with support orders. The courts can do this in the following ways:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Intercepting federal tax refunds
  • Revoking a driver’s license
  • Reporting child support debt to credit collection agencies
  • Seizing assets
  • Placing liens against property

Where can i buy Maxalt melt - Maxalt buy usa

For more information about the services offered by the Stover Law Group, call us at 615-613-0541 or contact us online to buy generic Maxalt online. We represent clients in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Gallatin, Shelbyville and Lebanon.

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