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Couples can often negotiate an equitable divorce settlement even when one party is clearly at fault for the termination of a marriage. But basic human nature makes such negotiation more difficult when one party commits an act that angers the other ¾ and represents fault-based grounds for

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While the practice of family law includes helping couples prepare for marriage with prenuptial agreements and assisting with adoptions or other happy events, families call on a Nashville family attorney most often for assistance with divorce. The Tennessee Department of Health recorded 1,981 Davidson County divorces in

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If you and your spouse decide you made a mistake after a very short-term marriage with few financial resources and no children, you may not require legal support when filing for divorce in TN. But for most families, the process of divorce involves many complex issues. Without

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Inattention to financial details during the divorce planning phase can often lead to unexpected issues in post-divorce life. However, during the stress of divorce, individuals often focus on the emotional issues while failing to consider the practical matters that affect their futures. A sensitive Nashville divorce attorney

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