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Child custody arrangements aren’t standardized like they once were. In the past, children were usually sent to live with the mother and only saw the father every other weekend. This isn’t the case now. Child custody arrangements are now based on what is best for the children instead of

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A report by Human Rights Watch says that federal law enforcement agencies have been passing along secret tips based on information collected through constitutionally questionable methods. When state and local law enforcement receive these tips, they create a false narrative about how they discovered the information in

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There is no limitation to the number of plaintiffs who can participate in a class action suit. However, the claims of all participating parties must have the common aspects required to qualify for such a suit, and exceptionally large classes may not meet this vital prerequisite. Seeking

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Unfortunately, anyone who has a significant degree of control over the lives of seniors can easily subject them to financial abuse. Whether your loved one resides at home with a caregiver or in an elder care residential facility, you need to remain watchful for signs that someone

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The moments after a motor vehicle accident tend to be confusing, especially when you suffer the pain of injury. You may truly believe you recall how your own negligence contributed to an accident, but hours later you can remember details that prove your original beliefs were inaccurate.

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Couples can often negotiate an equitable divorce settlement even when one party is clearly at fault for the termination of a marriage. But basic human nature makes such negotiation more difficult when one party commits an act that angers the other ¾ and represents fault-based grounds for

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The economic damages that victims of negligence can pursue in a personal injury case include the costs of medical treatment, lost wages and even the costs of hiring someone to help care for the home and family during a recovery period. But particularly when injuries result in permanent disability,

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While the practice of family law includes helping couples prepare for marriage with prenuptial agreements and assisting with adoptions or other happy events, families call on a Nashville family attorney most often for assistance with divorce. The Tennessee Department of Health recorded 1,981 Davidson County divorces in

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If you and your spouse decide you made a mistake after a very short-term marriage with few financial resources and no children, you may not require legal support when filing for divorce in TN. But for most families, the process of divorce involves many complex issues. Without

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Inattention to financial details during the divorce planning phase can often lead to unexpected issues in post-divorce life. However, during the stress of divorce, individuals often focus on the emotional issues while failing to consider the practical matters that affect their futures. A sensitive Nashville divorce attorney

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