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While Tennessee residents are allowed to own guns, there are some limitations imposed on gun ownership. For instance, an individual must pass a background check if they buy their firearm from a licensed dealer. The background check costs $10, and there is no waiting period imposed on

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In Tennessee and across the country, divorce rates have stabilized or even declined for Americans across nearly all demographics. While this trend has been widespread over the past 20 years, one demographic group has seen a dramatically different trend — people over the age of 50. Since

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Trusts may have a variety of uses for Tennessee residents. They may be designed to allow certain types of assets to appreciate in value tax free before being passed on to beneficiaries. They may allow the grantor to dictate how distributions will be made based on any

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Tennessee fans of Prince may be aware that he died without a will. Two years later, his heirs have yet to receive anything from his estate. Only the executor and attorneys dealing with Prince’s estate have been paid while the state and the IRS have both collected

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Retirement assets frequently form the largest pool of cash that divorcing couples in Tennessee need to split. According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, retirement accounts represent the second most common issue that divorcing couples fight over (alimony is No. 1). Even

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When your loved ones are involved in a serious car accident, it can turn your lives upside down. Although you are thankful that they were able to survive such an event, their serious injuries mean that you have had to readjust your life and your priorities completely.

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Many people in Tennessee want to complete the estate planning process and then put those documents aside. Due to inevitable life and law changes, however, estate plans can often be ripe for review and updating. This will help to ensure that they accurately reflect one’s wishes. Many

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People in Tennessee may make a grave error if they leave their assets outright to their adult children without considering whether their offspring have the financial maturity needed to properly handle the wealth they receive. Just because someone is a particular age does not mean that he

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Tennessee residents should make sure that their estate plans include provisions for all of their assets. This includes digital assets, such as emails. According to one associate professor of law, the law leaves no doubt about the treatment of physical assets, like paper documents, when a person

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Tennessee business owners have a great deal to consider when planning for the protection and longevity of their companies. However, one layer of security that is often overlooked is business estate planning and probate. Most people make provisions for the financial care of family upon their demise. Unfortunately,

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