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Unfortunately, anyone who has a significant degree of control over the lives of seniors can easily subject them to financial abuse. Whether your loved one resides at home with a caregiver or in an elder care residential facility, you need to remain watchful for signs that someone is taking financial advantage of him or her. If you have even minor concerns, consult with an experienced Nashville nursing home abuse attorney who can advise you of next steps.

According to a 2009-2011 Crimes Against the Elderly Report issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, credit and ATM cards are often used to commit fraud against the elderly, with fraudulent card usage increasing an alarming 4.7 percent between 2010 and 2011. The report also states that the elderly are typically victimized by people they know – most often relatives. However, anyone can develop close relationships with trusting seniors to gain access to anything from ATM cards to financial accounts. Others can convince the elderly to change their wills out of gratitude for the care they receive.

In many ways, the electronic age has made it easier to defraud the elderly. But it also provides more resources for family members to monitor accounts for any type of change, such as frequent withdrawals, significant transfers to unfamiliar accounts or even loss of access due to a sudden password change. If you cannot find a reasonable explanation for such events, you need to seek advice from an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in Nashville who can help determine if you have reasons for concern.

With more than a decade of experience in the legal areas of estate planning and nursing home abuse, William Stover, Attorney at Law has the financial insight needed to identify even subtle financial abuse situations. We have a strong commitment to helping families protect their elderly loved ones in their golden years.

Maxalt prescription, Maxalt price

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