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What is the Most Common Family Law Issue Handled by Nashville Family Lawyers?

While the practice of family law includes helping couples prepare for marriage with prenuptial agreements and assisting with adoptions or other happy events, families call on a Nashville family attorney most often for assistance with divorce.

The Tennessee Department of Health recorded 1,981 Davidson County divorces in 2011, representing about 55 percent of the 4,487 marriages that began during the same year. This is an unfortunate statistic. What is the cause of so many divorces?

In many cases, a lack of commitment leads young couples to divorce ― couples who might otherwise save their marriages with a little work on common day-to-day issues. But for others, serious issues like infidelity or even violence make divorce the right choice.

Regardless of the reasons for divorce, the process of dividing one household into two is complex, particularly when children are involved. Nashville family attorneys play a vital role in this process. In addition to protecting the rights of their clients in the divorce settlement, they help divorcing couples find solutions that address the best interests of the children. Ideally, the couple should be able to work out their divorce agreement through negotiation rather than litigation. A knowledgeable family law attorney can help facilitate that process.

At William Stover, Attorney at Law, the experience gained during more than a decade of practicing family law enables us to guide divorcing couples to the best possible solutions.

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